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    Model:Notes for Installation, Maintenance, Storage

    Notes for Installation, Maintenance and Storage of BOLLIYA® Architectural Aluminium Composite Panels:



    For Metallic colors, Pearl colors and Spectra colors, in order to avoid color reflection differences after installation, it is strongly recommended to install the panels in the same direction as the arrows on the protective film. Meanwhile, due to the application of painting process, color variations may occur between different production batches. Therefore it’s required that for the same project the total requirement should be placed in one order to keep color consistency.  

    Protective Film:

    To avoid glue remaining on the panel surface or film difficult to remove due to UV radiation, it’s requested that protective film should be removed after installation within 45 days.
    The protective film and the panel surfaces must not be marked using ink (marker), adhesive tapes or stickers, as the lacquered surfaces could be damaged by solvents or plasticizers.

    Cleaning and maintenance:

    a)       Annual inspection. The inspection of roofing and walls should take place at least once a year. This will depend on local environmental conditions. 
    b)       General instructions. Remove leaves, grass and other objects. Remove any parts clogging the roof gutter to avoid overflow any accumulation of dirt from wall areas that are inaccessible for rainwater (e.g. roofing). These areas not only impair the physical appearance of the building but can also result in a premature deterioration of the coating. Make sure to check the condition of joint sealers, holders/supports and decorative parts on the building to prevent any water penetrating. Make sure to inspect local defects (e.g. scratches) which could result in a premature deterioration of the coating or corrosion of the substrate. Once the building has been completed, particular attention should be paid to holders/supports, coating defects, boreholes, deformations caused by rivets, as well as to the general basic cleaning.
    c)       Cleaning. Annual cleaning is recommended. The surfaces should be cleaned either manually using a soft brush or by means of a high-pressure cleaner (max. 50 bar) with clean water. If necessary, a mild cleaning agent (pH 6-7) may be added, up to max. 10%. Cleaning should take place from top to bottom. After cleaning, rinse with clean water to remove any cleaning agent residue. Generally, we recommend trying out the cleaning agent on an unobtrusive part of the object to be cleaned to check whether the surface appearance is affected. Do not clean surfaces heated by the sun (>40°C) as the quick drying process may cause blemishes.

    Storage / Handling:

    a)       Protect BOLLIYA® pallets during storage against rain, penetration of moisture and condensation.
    b)       Only pallets of identical size should be stacked, with a maximum of 6 pallets stacked on top of each other.
    c)       Storage exceeding 6 months should be avoided, as it may become difficult to remove the protective film.
    d)       When stacking the panels nothing should be placed in between them, as this could produce marks on the panels.


    BOLLIYA® Aluminium Composite Panel can be fully recycled, i.e. both the core material and the aluminum cover sheets can be recycled and used for the production of new material.
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